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Our Menu


A Mix of rice, macaroni and lentils; topped with a spiced tomato sauce, and garlic vinegar; Garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. A sprinkling of garlic juice, or garlic vinegar and hot sauce is optional. "Koshary is a true fusion dish, it's a mixture of all the different civilization that come to Egypt in the history of it's existence. Nowhere in the world you will be able to taste so many cultures in one plate."


Egyptian Falafel served with salad, pickles, tahini and Egyptian Bread

Anora’s Moussaka (Appetizer/Salad)

Eggplant, spices, garlic, lemon juice topped with parsley

Yoghurt Smoothies

Strawberry / Mango / Peach / Pineapple


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